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Last updated 25th of April 2008

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Tenen Haus > Bank Accounts - UK Guide

The banking world has changed a lot over the last ten years, thanks to the birth of online banking.  The online revolution has not only meant that consumers have access to banking facilities 24/7, but also it has forced many traditional high-street banks to become more competitive, placing the consumer in an ever stronger position when choosing their bank. 


Despite, the range of choice, a recent financial survey revealed that the average married person is more likely to get divorced than change their bank account.  Individuals unhappy with the service they currently receive at their bank, who are considering changing their bank are advised to shop around both online and on the high-street.  In particualr, many banks now offer a range of beneficial extras with a regular current account, including discounted mortgages, insurance products and loans to entice new customers.


To read-up and learn about which type of bank account is best suited to your personal need, browse our directory of articles below.

  Business Bank Account
  Current Account With Overdraft
  Graduate Bank Account
  Joint Bank Account
  Student Bank Account
  Charity Bank Account
  Euro Bank Account
  Internet Bank Account
  Non Status Bank Account
  US Dollar Bank Account
  Children's Bank Account
  Foreign Currency Bank Account
  Islamic Bank Account
  Offshore Bank Account

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