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Last updated 25th of April 2008

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graphic Introduction
The Internet has become hugely popular over the last couple of decades, with most offices and a large number of household utilizing the Net each and every day. In the past, one problem has been very slow and inefficient connection methods, which could be frustrating - and for frequent Internet surfers could also prove costly. The introduction of Broadband has changed all this, enabling surfers to access the Internet quickly and conveniently with a permanent connection.

graphic How do I find out who serves my area?
Many larger Broadband providers service a vast area, which means that you will enjoy an even bigger choice without as many limitations as other utilities. The Internet is a fast and efficient way to find out which broadband providers are available, and what sort of packages they can offer on your Broadband service.

graphic What to look out for
When looking for a Broadband provider, it is important to consider the price per month, and any restrictions, such as capped services. You should also look into the connection speed and ensure that you opt for a speed that will suit your needs to ensure that you are not paying for something you won't use (e.g. if you are not overly concerned about the speed of the Internet, you can save money by opting for a 256Kbps. However, if you want super fast access you can opt for the more expensive 4/8Mbps)

graphic How do I pay?
Most broadband providers now offer a wide range of payment options, which means a higher level of convenience and choice for consumers. Most broadband providers enable you to pay via a bank or post office, or by calling the provider and making a credit card or debit card payment. You may also be able to send a cheque for your monthly bill. Most providers now encourage people to pay on a monthly basis via direct debit, although there is no obligation to do so.

graphic Money Saving Tips
There are a number of ways in which you can save money on the cost of your broadband. These include:

  • Limit the speed to what you need rather than going for the highest speed.
  • Paying by direct debit may get you a discount with many broadband providers, and this can help to keep down unnecessary costs.
  • Look out for packages that offer discounts such as combined phone, Broadband and television services.

  • graphic How do I switch accounts?
    Although many people think that switching must be a long winded and complicated process, the process is normally quite simple. You need to decide which company you want to switch to, and contact the company to advise them. You must also let your old provider know that you are switching. The precise procedure may change from one provider to another. However, look out for any penalties or notice periods that may apply with your current provider before you switch.

    graphic Further Reading
    You can find out more about Broadband at the official regulatory board, the Office of Communications:

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